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CEA-LETI and INAC received EARTO 2016 Innovation Awards

CEA-LETI and INAC received EARTO 2016 Innovation Awards for their new 3D LED. Offering a better price/performance ratio, this new technology will be commercialized by Aledia - a Leti spin-off.

Published on 9 December 2016
The EARTO Innovation Awards 2016 was presented in Brussels, Belgium, by Jyrki Katainen, European Vice-President for Jobs, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness. LED light bulbs last longer and offer better light quality than any other types of traditional lighting. Replacing all traditional lighting with LEDs would reduce Europe’s energy consumption by 9 % saving 65 billion of dollars and avoiding 42 tons CO2 per year. Today, their use is limited because of their high costs. 

CEA-LETI and INAC teams (actually IRIG) joined effort to develop an affordable technology called wireLEDTM. Researchers developed a larger and cheaper to facilitate high volume production at low cost. In fact, materials used reduces by two third current 2D LEDs material cost. Furthermore, while 2D LEDs need specific manufacturing requirements, this new technology is fully compatible with existing silicon foundries. On balance, 3D LEDs should be about four times cheaper to produce than regular LEDs.

Cutting edge performance
In going 3D, LEDs produce three times more light with lower risk of defects. This technology also follows the advanced semiconductor industry which makes 3D LEDs easy to integrate with existing electronics. Furthermore, while today’s LEDs require expensive phosphors to produce white light - reducing efficiency - 3D LEDs are phosphor-free and offer better performances, including multiple lighting option (multi-temperatures and colors).

Opening up a wide range of possibilities
These LEDs can be deployed anywhere – at home, in public buildings or cars. So far, Ikea and Valeo have already shown interest in this technology.

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