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Welcome to the Theory Group WebPage

Published on 13 March 2024
Head of GT

Julia S. Meyer

Phone: +33 4 38 78 31 46

We are a small team of 15-20 researchers (7 permanent researchers and as many students and postdocs) working on various aspects of quantum nanoelectronics, superconductivity (both mesoscopic and bulk), magnetism and spintronics with a strong overlap with the experimental teams of PHELIQS, especially IMAPEC (correlated materials) and LATEQS (nanoelectronics).

Research topics

• Topological and non-conventional superconductivity, either bulk or artificially emulated in proximity of conventional materials (such as ordinary magnets or superconductors). Examples in this direction are the works on Majorana fermions (a putative platform for topologically protected quantum computations) or superconducting-ferromagnet-superconducting junctions (where one induces effective triplet superconductivity.

• Frustrated magnetism in bulk systems as well as spintronics devices (such as nanopillars), quantum nanoelectronics, including the development of new techniques capable of tackling complex quantum physical mechanisms (such as high-frequency effects or electronic correlations).

• Open source numerical techniques for quantum problems, see the KWANT project.

Members of GT

Christoph Groth
Manuel Houzet
Mireille Lavagna (emeritus)
Julia Meyer
Kyrylo Snizhko
Xavier Waintal
Mike Zhitomirsky

Jheng-Wei Li
Thibault Louvet
Miha Srdinsek

PhD students
Thomas Bernat
Anas El Mendili
Yoan Fauvel
Anna Gubina
Matthieu Jeannin
Nicolas Jolly
Prasoon Kumar
Antonio Lacerda
Romy Morin
Adrien Moulinas

Julien-Pierre Houle