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Nicolas Daveau - 1st prize in the Arcane Graphical Abstract 2022 contest

Nicolas Daveau, PhD student in nanoparticle synthesis, co-supervised in our laboratory and in the Molecular Systems and NanoMaterials for Energy and Health (Symmes) laboratory, is the winner of the Arcane Graphical Abstract 2022 contest. It is a graphic contest whose objective is to illustrate its thesis project in the form of an image. The prize is a financial assistance for participation in an international conference.

Published on 17 March 2022
My thesis project concerns the assembly of a Gold Nano Rod with Quantum Dots using DNA to create a new versatile and multi-modal biomarker. The interest is first to study the optical properties of the coupling between these two nanoparticles, coupling that will exalt the photoluminescence of the quantum dot when it is in proximity to the rod. Once this coupling is optimized, the DNA sequence linking the two particles can be changed to detect short strands of circulating DNA or RNA, which will be detected by looking for enhanced luminescence. Eventually, we plan to use aptamers to allow the detection of many proteins or vesicles, still on the same principle.

The selection process was carried out by the 27 members of the Arcane Scientific Council in an anonymous two-round vote.

Arcane is a consortium of scientists from the University of Grenoble whose common scientific objective is biomotivated chemistry.
This target is based on two scientific axes, one that targets the living, the other that is inspired by Nature. Arcane was selected for funding as a Laboratoire d’excellence (Labex) through the “Investissements d’avenir” programme of the French government in 2012. Arcane’s funding has been extended until 2028 through the Chemistry, Biology and Health Graduate School of Université Grenoble Alpes.

Nanoparticles as a new contrast agent? The film presented by the award winner

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