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Presentation of the IMAPEC Team

Published on 11 March 2024
Head of Imapec

Jean-Pascal Brison

Instrumentation, Advanced materials, and Physics of correlated electron systems
Phone: +33 4 38 78 52 48

Our aim in IMAPEC is to tackle current issues in condensed matter physics through three actions:
          • State of the art measurements, especially in extreme conditions of very low temperature, high magnetic field, and high pressure that require a continuous effort to develop our own original and competitive instrumentation.
          • A well equipped crystal growth facility, with an extremely competent team, able to grow high quality crystals of known systems, and to explore new compounds.
          • A longstanding experience in the field of correlated electron physics, reinforced by strong collaborations in France and worldwide with other experimental groups and theorists.

Members of IMAPEC
          Daniel Braithwaite
          Jean-Pascal Brison
          Pierre Dalmas de Réotier
          Jacques Flouquet
          Georg Knebel
          Gérard Lapertot
          Christoph Marin
          Alexandre Pourret

          Juliette Lizion
          Midori Amano-Patino

PhD students / Master students
          Julien Devulder
          Nils Marquardt
          Timothée Vasina

Technical support
          Michel Boujard
          Iulian Matei
          Karine Mony

Former members
          Dai Aoki (also: IMR Oarai)
          Shingo Araki (Okayama University)
          Gael Bastien (IFW Dresden)
          Emmanuelle Bichaud
          Mounir Boukahil
          Tristan Combier
          Aifang Fang (University in Beijing)
          Amalia Fernandez-Panella (Lawrence Livermore Laboratory)
          Jacques Flouquet
          Adrien Gourgout (University Sherbrooke)
          Elena Hassinger (Max Planck Institut for Chemical Physica of Solids, Dresden)
          Eduardo Hering
          Ludovic Howald (University Zürich)
          Hisashi Kotegawa (Kobe University)
          Liam Malone (University of Bristol)
          Julia Mokdad (Cesi, Lyon)
          Hasan Naser
          Qun Niu (Chinese academy of sciences, Hefei)
          Alexandra Palacio Morales (University of Hamburg)
          Scheilla Ramos
          Adrien Rosuel (Brown University, Providence)
          Simon Rousseau
          Yusei Shimizu (IMR, Oarai, Japan)
          Valentin Taufour (University of California, Davis)
          Mathieu Taupin (TU Wien)
          Michal Valiska (Charles University, Prague)
          Beilun Wu (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid)
          Alain Yaouanc

Experimental techniques and facilities

Research activities
Our main research activities are concentrated on
          • Quantum phase transitions in heavy fermion systems
          • Unconventional superconductivity
          • Ferromagnetic superconductors
          • New superconductors
          • Topological phase transition
          • Mott insulators / new materials for microelectronics
          • New development of high pressure techniques
          • Single crystal growth of intermetallics and oxides ​