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Jean-Michel Gérard - Welker Award 2024

Dr. Jean-Michel Gérard, Founder Director of our laboratory, has been awarded the prestigious Welker Award for his pioneering contributions to the spectroscopy of single quantum dots and their application in cavity quantum electrodynamics and single photon sources.

Published on 7 June 2024

The Welker Award, initiated in 1976, is awarded annually by the International Symposium on Compound Semiconductors (ISCS) Award committee, chaired this year by Prof. Yasuhiko Arakawa. Previous recipients (see the list) include three Nobel Laureates. The Award, established by Siemens AG, to honor pioneer Heinrich Welker, is currently sponsored by ams OSRAM.

Jean-Michel Gérard graduated from École Polytechnique (France) in 1985 and received his MSC (1986) and PhD (1990) from Paris VI University for his thesis entitled "Growth by molecular beam epitaxy of highly-strained InAs/GaAs semiconductor heterostructures and optical study of their electronic properties". From 1986 to 2001, he was Engineer of the French Ministry of Defense performing research within the France Telecom R&D laboratories and leading their research activities on quantum dots (QDs) from 1995. In 2001, he joined CEA in Grenoble as Head of the NPSC - Nanophysics and Semiconductors team, and from 2006, as Director of the Laboratory of Physics of Materials and Microstructures. In 2016, he became Founding Director of PHELIQS - Quantum Photonics, Electronics and Engineering, a position that he held until 2020.

Since his early studies (1984-95), Jean Michel Gérard has made pioneering contributions to the growth of Ill-arsenide nanostructures, including fabrication of short-period superlattices, investigation of segregation effects, and development of QD self-assembling. In 1994, he initiated with Jean-Yves Marzin optical studies on single self-assembled QDs. He has revealed their strong potential for quantum electrodynamics experiments in solid-state optical microcavities (1998) and photonic waveguides (2010). In 1998, he introduced the widely-used protocol harnessing radiative cascades in a single QD to generate single photons on demand, and demonstrated next the first single-mode single photon source in 2001. He has been recognized with the Great Prize Founded by the State awarded by the French Academy of Sciences (2005), the ISCS Quantum Devices Award (2008), and the Léon Brillouin Great Prize by the SFO - Société Française d'optique (2016).

Congratulations to Jean-Michel on this well-deserved recognition!

Dr. Jean-Michel Gérard (left) and Dr. Yasuhiko Arakawa (right) president of the 2024 award commitee.

Previous Recipients of the Welker Award

1976 Nick Holonyak, Jr
1978 Cyril Hilsum
1980 Hisayoshi Yanai
1981 Gerald L. Pearson
1982 Herbert Kroemer
1984 Izuo Hayashi
1985 Heinz Beneking
1986 A.Y. Cho
1987 I. Alferov
1988 Jerry M. Woodall
1989 Don W. Shaw
1990 Greg Stillman
1991 Lester F. Eastman
1992 Harry C. Gatos
1993 James Turner
1994 Federico Capasso
1995 Isamu Akasaki
1996 Ben G. Streetman
1997 M. George Craford
1998 Takashi Mimura
1999 Claude Weisbuch
2000 James S. Harris
2001 Karl Hess
2002 Hiroyuki Sakaki
2003 Klaus Ploog
2004 James J. Coleman
2005 Hans Melchior
2006 Marc Ilegems
2007 Kenichi Iga
2008 Gunter Weimann
2009 Daniel Dapkus
2010 Pallab Bhattacharya
2011 Yasuhiko Arakawa
2012 Umesh K. Mishra
2013 Tom Foxon
2014 Gerald Bastard
2015 Dieter Bimberg
2016 Joe Charles Campbell
2017 Chennupati Jagadish
2018 Bernard Gil
2019 Hideo Ohno
2020 Henning Riechert
2021 Alfred Forchel
2022 Connie Chang Hasnain
2023 Larry Coldren

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