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François Lefloch


Physicist HDR
Deputy head of the INAC/SPSMS
Member of the steering committee of the Nanoscience foundation - Grenoble
Member of the steering committe of the laboratory of excelllence LANEF Grenoble

Research Interests
Experimental Physics
- Noise and correlations at mesoscopic scale
- Superconductor / normal metal contact
- Superconductor / Semiconductor contact
- Non local Andreev reflection - Cooper pairs beam splitter

From 1995
Physicist at CEA/Grenoble

Post-doc at UCLA in the group of Pr. CLark
"NMR and vortex lattice in superconductors"

PhD thesis at CEA/ Saclay - Service de Physique de l'Etat Condensé", in the group of J. Hammann
"Experimental investigation of the phase space and effect of the magnetic field in spin glasses"

1985-1990 Engineer INSA Toulouse (Physics)

Scientific Publications (see pdf files below)
"SQUIDs based set-up for probing current noise and correlations in three terminal", A. H. Pfeffer, B. Kaviraj, O. Coupiac and F. Lefloch, Review of Scientific Instruments  83, 115107 (2012)

"Noise and correlations in three terminal superconductor – normal metal – superconductor nanostructures", B. Kaviraj, O. Coupiac, H. Courtois and F. Lefloch, Physical review Letters, 107, 077005 (2011)

"Hybrid superconductor–semiconductor devices made from self-assembled SiGe nanocrystals on silicon", G. Katsaros, P. Spathis, M. Stoffel, F. Fournel, M.Mongillo, V. Bouchiat, F. Lefloch, A. Rastelli, O. G. Schmidt and S. De Franceschi, Nature Nanotechnology, 5, 458 (2010)
"Cross correlation of incoherent multiple Andreev reflection ", S. Duhot, F. Lefloch, M. Houzet, Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 086804 (2009)
"Divergence at low bias and mixed down noise of the current noise  in a diffusive  S/N/S junction", E. Lhotel; O. Coupiac; F. Lefloch; H. Courtois; M. Sanquer, Phys. Rev. Lett. 99, 117002 (2007)

"Probing Local Electronic Transport at the Organic Single-Crystal/Dielectric Interface", Luo, Y. Gustavo, F. Henry, J. Y. Mathevet, F. Lefloch, F. Sanquer, M. Rannou, P. Grevin, B. Advanced Materials, 19(17) (2007) 2267-2273

"Ballistic effect in a proximity induced superconduting diffusive metal", W. Escoffier, C. Chapelier and F. Lefloch, Physical Review B, 72 (2005) 140502(R)

"Scanning tunneling spectroscopy of the superconducting proximity effect in a diluted ferromagnetic alloy", L. Crétinon, A. K. Gupta, H. Sellier, F. Lefloch, M. Fauré, A. Buzdin and H. Courtois, Physical Review B, 72 (2005) 024511

"Mesoscopic transition in the shot noise of diffusive superconductor-normal-metal-superconductor junctions", C. Hoffmann, F. Lefloch, M. Sanquer and B. Pannetier, Physical Review B, 70 (2004) 180503

"Half-Integer Shapiro Steps at the 0 - pi Crossover of a Ferromagnetic Josephson Junction", H. Sellier, C. Baraduc, F. Lefloch and R. Calemczuk, Physical Review Letters, 92 (2004) 257005

"Temperature-induced crossover between 0 and pi states in S/F/S junctions", H. Sellier, C. Baraduc, F. Lefloch and R. Calemczuk, Physical Review B, 68 (2003) 054531

"Doubled Full Shot Noise in Quantum Coherent Superconductor-Semiconductor Junctions", F. Lefloch, C. Hoffmann, M. Sanquer and D. Quirion, Physical Review Letters, 90 (2003) 067002

"Inelastic relaxation and noise temperature in S/N/S junctions", C. Hoffmann, F. Lefloch and M. Sanquer, European Physical Journal B, 29 (2002) 629

"Mesoscopic proximity effect in double-barrier superconductor/normal-metal junctions", D. Quirion, C. Hoffmann, F. Lefloch and M. Sanquer, Physical Review B, (2002) 100508

"Spatially resolved spectroscopy on superconducting proximity nanostructures", M. Vinet, C. Chapelier and F. Lefloch, Physical Review B, 63 (2001) 165420

"Proximity effect in planar TiN-silicon junctions", D. Quirion, F. Lefloch and M. Sanquer, Journal of Low Temperature Physics, 120 (2000) 361

"Nonlinear flux flow in TiN superconducting thin film", F. Lefloch, C. Hoffmann and O. Demolliens, Physica C, 319 (1999) 258

"NMR spin-echo measurements of reversible and irreversible motion of a driven vortex lattice", F. Lefloch, W. G. Clark and W. H. Wong, Physical Review B, 59 (1999) 7094

"Magnetic-spin-echo response to a moving vortex lattice in a type-II superconductor", W. G. Clark, F. Lefloch and W. H. Wong, Physical Review B, 52 (1995) 7488

"Magnetic resonance spectral reconstruction using frequency-shifted and summed Fourier transform processing", W. G. Clark, M. E. Hanson, F. Lefloch and P. Segransan, Review of Scientific Instruments, 66 (1995) 2453

"NMR investigation of the quaternary-intermetallic-compound superconductor YNi/sub 2/B/sub 2/C", M. E. Hanson, F. Lefloch, W. H. Wong, W. G. Clark, M. D. Lan, C.C. Hoellwarth, P. Klavins, R. N. Shelton, Physical Review B, 51 (1995) 674

"Spin glasses in a magnetic field: phase diagram and dynamics", F. Lefloch, J. Hammann, M. Ocio and E. Vincent, Physica B, 203 (1994) 63

"Can aging phenomena discriminate between the droplet model and a hierarchical description in spin glasses?", F. Lefloch, J. Hammann, M. Ocio and E. Vincent, Europhysics Letters, 18 (1992) 647

Very low temperature
Clean room processes
Current noise measurements


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