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Julien Claudon awarded the 2014 CNRS bronze medal

​Julien Claudon, researcher at the "Nanophysique et semi-conducteurs" lab (CEA-CNRS joint unit) has been awarded the 2014 CNRS bronze medal, distinguishing the first work of a scientist which made him a talent specialist in his field. By this award, the CNRS encourages the pursuit of a recognized and fruitful research.

Published on 14 April 2014
The delivery of the medal took place on Friday, October 10th, 2014 at 4 pm in the Museum of Grenoble.

Researcher in nanophotonics
The goal of Julien Claudon's work: to control the interaction between light and matter within the nanostructures he develops. After a thesis obtained at the Institut Néel and a post-doctorat in Grenoble, Julien Claudon joined the CEA in 2006, within the "Nano-physics and semiconductors" team of our laboratory. He has made a crucial contribution to the production of optical antennas based on nanowires, which make it possible to extract very efficiently the light emitted by a semiconductor quantum dot. This innovative strategy has made it possible to produce a unique photon source with record brilliance, a key component for quantum information technologies. Beyond this result, nanowire antennas open up many perspectives for quantum optics in condensed matter systems. An internationally renowned specialist, Julien Claudon has published in several high-impact journals several articles that have advanced the state of the art in quantum nanophotonics.

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