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Georg Knebel

Laboratoire PHotonique, ELectronique et Ingénierie QuantiqueS

Funcion: Research staff

Research Interests
Experimental solid state physics  
• strongly correlated electron systems   
• quantum phase transitions 
• competition magnetism / superconductivity 
• high pressure techniques 
• Fermi surface studies by quantum oscillations

• 2012: HDR University Joseph Fourier Grenoble
• 2002: Physicist at CEA Grenoble
• 1999-2002: Marie Curie Fellow at CEA Grenoble
• 1994-1999: PhD thesis at TU Darmstadt / University of Augsburg, Germany (supervisor A. Loidl)
Ground state properties of Cerium compounds with ThCr2Si2 structure
• 1988-1994: Diplom studies of Physics at Technical University Darmstadt
High frequency conductivity of La2CuO4 single crystals (supervisor A. Loidl)

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