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Publications of the team in 2015

Published on 14 December 2018

An innovative 3-D nanoforest heterostructure made of polypyrrole coated silicon nanotrees for new high performance hybrid micro-supercapacitors
Aradilla D, Gaboriau D, Bidan G, Gentile P, Boniface M, Dubal D, Gomez-Romero P, Wimberg J, Schubert TJS and Sadki S
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 3 (2015) 13978-13985
HAL <hal-01580613>

SiNWs-based electrochemical double layer micro-supercapacitors with wide voltage window (4V) and long cycling stability using a protic ionic liquid electrolyte
Aradilla D, Gentile P, Ruiz V, Gomez-Romero P, Wimberg J, Iliev B, Schubert TJS, Sadki S and Bidan G
Advances in Natural Sciences-Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 6 (2015) 015004
HAL <hal-01580612>

Strain Relaxation in CVD Graphene: Wrinkling with Shear Lag
Bronsgeest MS, Bendiab N, Mathur S, Kimouche A, Johnson HT, Coraux J and Pochet P
Nano Letters 15 (2015) 5098-5104
HAL <hal-01187043>

Fabrication and characterization of silicon nanowire p-i-n MOS gated diode for use as p-type tunnel FET
Brouzet V, Salem B, Periwal P, Rosaz G, Baron T, Bassani F, Gentile P and Ghibaudo G
Applied Physics a-Materials Science and Processing 121 (2015) 1285-1290
HAL <hal-01587603>

Functionalized silicon nanowires/conjugated polymer hybrid solar cells: Optical, electrical and morphological characterizations
Chehata N, Ltaief A, Beyou E, Ilahi B, Salem B, Baron T, Gentile P, Maaref H and Bouazizi A
Journal of Luminescence 168 (2015) 315-324
HAL <(à modifier) hal-01265838>

Table-top deterministic and collective colloidal assembly using videoprojector lithography
Cordeiro J, Zelsmann M, Honegger T, Picard E, Hadji E and Peyrade D
Applied Surface Science 349 (2015) 452-458
HAL <hal-01588267>

Core-shell nanostructure in a Ge0.9Mn0.1 film observed via structural and magnetic measurements
Dalmas de Reotier P, Prestat E, Bayle-Guillemaud P, Boukhari M, Barski A, Marty A, Jamet M, Suter A, Prokscha T, Salman Z, et al.
Physical Review B 91 (2015) 245408
HAL <hal-01589393>

Spinodal nanodecomposition in semiconductors doped with transition metals
Dietl T, Sato K, Fukushima T, Bonanni A, Jamet M, Barski A, Kuroda S, Tanaka M, Pham Nam H and Katayama-Yoshida H
Reviews of Modern Physics 87 (2015) 1311-1377
HAL <hal-01589782>

3D hierarchical assembly of ultrathin MnO2 nanoflakes on silicon nanowires for high performance micro-supercapacitors in Li- doped ionic liquid
Dubal DP, Aradilla D, Bidan G, Gentile P, Schubert TJS, Wimberg J, Sadki S and Gomez-Romero P
Scientific Reports 5 (2015) 09771
HAL <hal-01589960>

Radial photovoltaic junction with single Si nanowire core-shell structure
Dupre L, Buttard D, Solanki A, Pauc N and Gentile P
Micro and Nano Letters 10 (2015) 37-39
HAL <hal-01589959>

Nanotubes array electrodes by Pt evaporation: Half-cell characterization and PEM fuel cell demonstration
Galbiati S, Morin A and Pauc N
Applied Catalysis B-Environmental 165 (2015) 149-157
HAL <hal-01592969>

Diamond-coated silicon wires for supercapacitor applications in ionic liquids
Gao F, Lewes-Malandrakis G, Wolfer MT, Mueller-Sebert W, Gentile P, Aradilla D, Schubert T and Nebel CE
Diamond and Related Materials 51 (2015) 1-6
HAL <hal-01592967>

1.9% bi-axial tensile strain in thick germanium suspended membranes fabricated in optical germanium-on-insulator substrates for laser applications
Gassenq A, Guilloy K, Dias GO, Pauc N, Rouchon D, Hartmann J-M, Widiez J, Tardif S, Rieutord F, Escalante J, et al.
Applied Physics Letters 107 (2015) 191904
HAL <hal-01593311>

Density multiplication of pores and their propagation in a thin layer of nanoporous alumina on silicon substrates
Gorisse T, Buttard D and Zelsmann M
Applied Surface Science 343 (2015) 106-114
HAL <hal-01593304>

Electromigration-induced failure in operando characterization of 3D interconnects: microstructure influence
Gousseau S, Moreau S, Bouchu D, Farcy A, Montmitonnet P, Inal K, Bay F, Zelsmann M, Picard E and Salaun M
Microelectronics Reliability 55 (2015) 1205-1213
HAL <hal-01166314>

Tensile Strained Germanium Nanowires Measured by Photocurrent Spectroscopy and X-ray Microdiffraction
Guilloy K, Pauc N, Gassenq A, Gentile P, Tardif S, Rieutord F and Calvo V
Nano Letters 15 (2015) 2429-2433
HAL <hal-01593538>

Degenerate epitaxy-driven defects in monolayer silicon oxide on ruthenium
Mathur S, Vlaic S, Machado-Charry E, Vu A-D, Guisset V, David P, Hadji E, Pochet P and Coraux J
Physical Review B 92 (2015) 161410
HAL <hal-01222011>

Optofluidic Near-Field Optical Microscopy: Near-Field Mapping of a Silicon Nanocavity Using Trapped Microbeads
Pin C, Cluzel B, Renaut C, Picard E, Peyrade D, Hadji E and de Fornel F
ACS Photonics 2 (2015) 1410-1415
HAL <hal-01616551>

Dielectric Coating-Induced Absorption Enhancement in Si Nanowire Junctions
Solanki A, Gentile P, Boutami S, Calvo V and Pauc N
Advanced Optical Materials 3 (2015) 120-128
HAL <hal-01616535>