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Publications of the team in 2011

Published on 14 December 2018

In a nanoscience lab
Bayle-Guillemaud P, Hadji E, Reiss P, Villain J
Comptes Rendus Physique 12 (2011) 614-619

Organized porous alumina membranes for high density silicon nanowires growth
Bernardin T, Dupre L, Burnier L, Gentile P, Peyrade D, Zelsmann M, Buttard D
Microelectronic Engineering 88 (2011) 2844-2847

Discontinuity induced angular distribution of photon plasmon coupling
Brissinger D, Lereu AL, Salomon L, Charvolin T, Cluzel B, Dumas C, Passian A, de Fornel F
Optics Express 19 (2011) 17750-17757

Elaboration of alumina nanowire field normal to a generic substrate
Buttard D
Micro & Nano Letters 6 (2011) 441-443

Grazing Incidence X-ray Diffraction investigation of strains in silicon nanowires obtained by gold catalytic growth
Buttard D, Gentile P, Renevier H
Surface Science 605 (2011) 570-576

Gold colloidal nanoparticle electrodeposition on a silicon surface in a uniform electric field
Buttard D, Oelher F, David T
Nanoscale Research Letters 6 (2011) 580

Addressable subwavelength grids of confined light in a multislotted nanoresonator
Cluzel B, Foubert K, Lalouat L, Dellinger J, Peyrade D, Picard E, Hadji E, de Fornel F
Applied Physics Letters 98 (2011) 081101

Extraordinary tuning of a nanocavity by a near-field probe
Cluzel B, Lalouat L, Velha P, Picard E, Hadji E, Peyrade D, de Fornel F
Photonics and Nanostructures-Fundamentals and Applications 9 (2011) 269-275

Measurement of the Surface Recombination Velocity in Organically Functionalized Silicon Nanostructures: The Case of Silicon on Insulator
Coustel R, La Guillaume QBA, Calvo V, Renault O, Dubois L, Duclairoir F, Pauc N
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 115 (2011) 22265-22270

Quantum confinement effects and strain-induced band-gap energy shifts in core-shell Si-SiO2 nanowires
Demichel O, Calvo V, Noe P, Salem B, Fazzini PF, Pauc N, Oehler F, Gentile P, Magnea N
Physical Review B 83 (2011) 245443

Determination of Clausius-Mossotti factors and surface capacitances for colloidal particles
Honegger T, Berton K, Picard E, Peyrade D
Applied Physics Letters 98 (2011) 181906

High-Q silica microcavities on a chip: From microtoroid to microsphere
Jager JB, Calvo V, Delamadeleine E, Hadji E, Noe P, Ricart T, Bucci D, Morand A
Applied Physics Letters 99 (2011) 181123

Structure and magnetism of Ge3Mn5 clusters
Jain A, Jamet M, Barski A, Devillers T, Yu IS, Porret C, Bayle-Guillemaud P, Favre-Nicolin V, Gambarelli S, Maurel V, Desfonds G, Jacquot JF, Tardif S
Journal of Applied Physics 109 (2011) 013911

Joule-Assisted Silicidation for Short-Channel Silicon Nanowire Devices
Mongillo M, Spathis P, Katsaros G, Gentile P, Sanquer M, De Franceschi S
Acs Nano 5 (2011) 7117-7123

Nonlinear absorption of InN/InGaN multiple-quantum-well structures at optical telecommunication wavelengths
Naranjo FB, Kandaswamy PK, Valdueza-Felip S, Calvo V, Gonzalez-Herraez M, Martin-Lopez S, Corredera P, Mendez JA, Mutta GR, Lacroix B, Ruterana P, Monroy E
Applied Physics Letters 98 (2011) 031902

Growth and characterization of gold catalyzed SiGe nanowires and alternative metal-catalyzed Si nanowires
Potié A, Baron T, Dhalluin F, Rosaz G, Salem B, Latu-Romain L, Kogelschatz M, Gentile P, Oehler F, Montes L, Kreisel J, Roussel H
Nanoscale Research Letters 6 (2011) 187

Controlled growth of SiGe nanowires by addition of HCl in the gas phase
Potie A, Baron T, Latu-Romain L, Rosaz G, Salem B, Montes L, Gentile P, Kreisel J, Roussel H
Journal of Applied Physics 110 (2011) 024311

Electrical characteristics of a vertically integrated field-effect transistor using non-intentionally doped Si nanowires
Rosaz G, Salem B, Pauc N, Gentile P, Potie A, Baron T
Microelectronic Engineering 88 (2011) 3312-3315

High-performance silicon nanowire field-effect transistor with silicided contacts
Rosaz G, Salem B, Pauc N, Gentile P, Potie A, Solanki A, Baron T
Semiconductor Science and Technology 26 (2011) 085020

Vertically integrated silicon-germanium nanowire field-effect transistor
Rosaz G, Salem B, Pauc N, Potie A, Gentile P, Baron T
Applied Physics Letters 99 (2011) 193107

Modeling magnetotransport in inhomogeneous (Ge,Mn) films
Yu IS, Jamet M, Marty A, Devillers T, Barski A, Beigne C, Bayle-Guillemaud P, Cibert J
Journal of Applied Physics 109 (2011) 123906