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Vincent Renard

Fax: 04 38 78 50 98
Assistant professor at Grenoble University.

Team activity

Research Topics
Mesoscopic physics with emphasis on interaction effects in low dimensional systems (two-dimensional electron systems,quantum point contacts). Low temperature scanning tunneling microscope (superconductivity induced by proximity effect). Material synthesis (Graphene, Silicon nanowires). More details may be found at our group site or research gate.

2011 - present  Assistant professor at grenoble University.   -  low temperature STM
2010 - 2011      Postdoc at Néel Institut   -   Graphene growth
2008 - 2010      Postdoc at CEA Leti    -    Silicon nanowire growth
2006 - 2008      Postdoc at NTT (BRL) and GHMFL Grenoble - Interaction effects in quantum point contacts
2002 - 2005      Phd at GHMFL Grenoble - Interaction effects in 2D electron systems


Claude Chapelier (CEA/IRIG Grenoble, FRANCE)
Yoshiro Hirayama (Tohoku University, Tohoku, JAPAN)
Benjamin Piot (GHMFL, Grenoble, FRANCE)
Kei Takashina (Bath University, Bath, UK)
Akira Fujiwara (NTT BRL, Atsugi, JAPAN)

Selected Publications 

-Epitaxial contact to graphene on SiC.
T. Le quang, L. Huder, F. Lipp Bregolin, A. Artaud, H. Okuno, N. Mollard, S. Pouget, G. Lapertot, A. Jansen, F. Lefloch, E. Driessen C. Chapelier and V. T. Renard
Carbon 121, 48 (2017) ArXiv

-Valley polarization assisted spin polarization in two dimensions
V. T. Renard, B. A. Piot, X. Waintal, G. Fleury, D. Cooper, Y. Niida, D. S. D. Tregurtha, A. Fujiwara, Y. Hirayama and K. Takashina
Nature communications 6, 7230 (2015) . ArXiv

-Metallic Behaviour in SOI quantum wells with strong intervalley scattering

V. T. Renard, I. Duchemin, Y. Niida, A. Fujiwara, Y. Hirayama, K. Takashina

Scientific Reports, 3, 2011 (2013). ArXiv

-Impact of Valley Polarization on the Resistivity in Two Dimensions.
K. Takashina, Y. Niida, V. T. Renard , A. Fujiwara, T. Fujisawa, K. Muraki, and Y. Hirayama
Phys. Rev. lett. 106, 196403 (2011).

-Catalyst preparation for CMOS-compatible silicon nanowire synthesis.
V. T. Renard, M. Jublot, P. Gergaud, P. Cherns, D. Rouchon, A. Chabli, V. Jousseaume
Nature Nanotechnology, 4, 654 (2009) ArXiv (See also the video)

-Boundary mediated electron-electron interaction in quantum point contacts.
V. T. Renard, O. A. Tkachenko, V. Tkachenko, T. Ota, N. Kumada, J-C. Portal, Y. Hirayama
Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 186801 (2008) arXiv

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