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Massimo Mongillo

Transport properties and functional devices on CVD grown silicon nanowires

Published on 15 October 2010
Thesis presented Octobre 15, 2010

My thesis is devoted to the study of transport properties of Silicon Nanowires obtained by a bottom-up approach. The choice for the material system has been limited to undoped SiNWs because they are considered as the ultimate choice for ultrascaled electronic devices. For these systems, the problem of an effective carrier injection in the semiconductor is particularly important. The mechanism of carrier injection in Gate-All-Around Schottky barrier transistors was studied by temperature dependent measurements. Multiple gates are used to discriminate between different device switching mechanisms occurring either at the source and drain contacts, or at the level of the silicon channel. The gating scheme has proved be effective in suppressing the Schottky barrier enabling carrier injection at low temperature. Moreover, different electronic functionalities like p-n junctions and logic gates can be successfully implemented in such devices without the need of doping. I will describe a novel technique for the fabrication of metal silicide contacts to individual silicon nanowires based on an electrically-controlled Joule annealing process. This has enabled the realization of silicide-silicon-silicide tunnel junctions with silicon channel lengths down to 8nm. The silicidation of silicon nanowires by Nickel and Platinum could be observed in-situ and in real time by performing the experiments of Joule assisted silicidation in the chamber of a Scanning Electron Microscope. Lastly, signatures of resonant tunneling through an isolated Platinum Silicide cluster were detected in a Silicon tunnel junction. Tunneling spectroscopy in a magnetic field revealed the Zeeman splitting of the ground and the excited states.

silicon nanowires, schottky barrier, silicides, Joule effect, transistors, logic gates, resonant tunneling, Coulomb Blockade, metallic cluster

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