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Publications of the team in 2010

Published on 14 December 2018

Hybrid superconducting nanostructures: very low temperature local probing and noise
Chapelier C, Lefloch F, Courtois H, Hasselbach K
International Journal of Nanotechnology 7 (2010) 456-473

Subkelvin tunneling spectroscopy showing Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer superconductivity in heavily boron-doped silicon epilayers
Dahlem F, Kociniewski T, Marcenat C, Grockowiak A, Pascal LMA, Achatz P, Boulmer J, Debarre D, Klein T, Bustarret E, Courtois H
Physical Review B 82 (2010) 140505

Hybrid superconductor-quantum dot devices
De Franceschi S, Kouwenhoven L, Schonenberger C, Wernsdorfer W
Nature Nanotechnology 5 (2010) 703-711

Application of negative differential conductance in Al/AlOx single-electron transistors for background charge characterization
George HC, Pierre M, Jehl X, Orlov AO, Sanquer M, Snider GL
Applied Physics Letters 96 (2010) 042114

Nanoelectronics with CMOS transistors: electrostatic and quantum effects
Jehl X, Sanquer M, Gautier J, Vinet M
International Journal of Nanotechnology 7 (2010) 288-303

Drain current modulation in a nanoscale field-effect-transistor channel by single dopant implantation
Johnson BC, Tettamanzi GC, Alves ADC, Thompson S, Yang C, Verduijn J, Mol JA, Wacquez R, Vinet M, Sanquer M, Rogge S, Jamieson DN
Applied Physics Letters 96 (2010) 264102

Specific heat measurements of a superconducting NbS2 single crystal in an external magnetic field: Energy gap structure
Kacmarcik J, Pribulova Z, Marcenat C, Klein T, Rodiere P, Cario L, Samuely P
Physical Review B 82 (2010) 014518

Hybrid superconductor-semiconductor devices made from self-assembled SiGe nanocrystals on silicon
Katsaros G, Spathis P, Stoffel M, Fournel F, Mongillo M, Bouchiat V, Lefloch F, Rastelli A, Schmidt OG, De Franceschi S
Nature Nanotechnology 5 (2010) 458-464

Thermodynamic phase diagram of Fe(Se0.5Te0.5) single crystals in fields up to 28 tesla
Klein T, Braithwaite D, Demuer A, Knafo W, Lapertot G, Marcenat C, Rodiere P, Sheikin I, Strobel P, Sulpice A, Toulemonde P
Physical Review B 82 (2010) 184506

First-Order Transition in the Magnetic Vortex Matter in Superconducting MgB2 Tuned by Disorder
Klein T, Marlaud R, Marcenat C, Cercellier H, Konczykowski M, van der Beek CJ, Mosser V, Lee HS, Lee SI
Physical Review Letters 105 (2010) 047001

AC measurement of heat capacity and magnetocaloric effect for pulsed magnetic fields
Kohama Y, Marcenat C, Klein T, Jaime M
Review of Scientific Instruments 81 (2010) 104902

Condon-domain phase diagram and hysteresis size for beryllium
Kramer RBG, Egorov VS, Jansen AGM, Joss W
Physical Review B 82 (2010) 075101

Non-Debye normalization of the glass vibrational density of states in mildly densified silicate glasses
Mantisi B, Adichtchev S, Sirotkin S, Rafaelly L, Wondraczek L, Behrens H, Marcenat C, Surovtsev NV, Pillonnet A, Duval E, Champagnon B, Mermet A
Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 22 (2010) 025402

Low-temperature transition to a superconducting phase in boron-doped silicon films grown on (001)-oriented silicon wafers
Marcenat C, Kacmarcik J, Piquerel R, Achatz P, Prudon G, Dubois C, Gautier B, Dupuy JC, Bustarret E, Ortega L, Klein T, Boulmer J, Kociniewski T, Debarre D
Physical Review B 81 (2010) 020501

Quantum ground state and single-phonon control of a mechanical resonator
O'Connell AD, Hofheinz M, Ansmann M, Bialczak RC, Lenander M, Lucero E, Neeley M, Sank D, Wang H, Weides M, Wenner J, Martinis JM, Cleland AN
Nature 464 (2010) 697-703

Single-donor ionization energies in a nanoscale CMOS channel
Pierre M, Wacquez R, Jehl X, Sanquer M, Vinet M, Cueto O
Nature Nanotechnology 5 (2010) 133-137

Coulomb pseudogap in scattering-assisted tunneling of electrons between Landau-quantized two-dimensional electron gases
Popov VG, Makarovskiy UN, Renard VT, Portal JC
Physica E-Low-Dimensional Systems and Nanostructures 43 (2010) 151-154

Pseudogap in a thin film of a conventional superconductor
Sacepe B, Chapelier C, Baturina TI, Vinokur VM, Baklanov MR, Sanquer M
Nature Communications 1 (2010) 140

Quantum Transport in GaN/AlN Double-Barrier Heterostructure Nanowires
Songmuang R, Katsaros G, Monroy E, Spathis P, Bougerol C, Mongillo M, De Franceschi S
Nano Letters 10 (2010) 3545-3550