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Publications of the team in 2017

Published on 14 December 2018

Raman active high energy excitations in URu2Si2
Buhot J, Gallais Y, Cazayous M, Sacuto A, Piekarz P, Lapertot G, Aoki D and Measson M-A
Physica B-Condensed Matter 506 (2017) 19-22

Microscopic Magnetic Properties of the Itinerant Metamagnet UCoAl by X-ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism
Combier T, Palacio-Morales A, Sanchez J-P, Wilhelm F, Pourret A, Brison J-P, Aoki D and Rogalev A
Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 86 (2017) 024712

Unconventional magnetic order in the conical state of MnSi
Dalmas de Reotier P, Maisuradze A, Yaouanc A, Roessli B, Amato A, Andreica D and Lapertot G
Physical Review B 95 (2017) 180403

Long-range dynamical magnetic order and spin tunneling in the cooperative paramagnetic states of the pyrochlore analogous spinel antiferromagnets CdYb2X4 (X = S or Se)
Dalmas de Reotier P, Marin C, Yaouanc A, Ritter C, Maisuradze A, Roessli B, Bertin A, Baker PJ and Amato A
Physical Review B 96 (2017) 134403

Slow spin tunneling in the paramagnetic phase of the pyrochlore Nd2Sn2O7
Dalmas de Réotier P, Yaouanc A, Maisuradze A, Bertin A, Baker PJ, Hillier AD and Forget A
Physical Review B 95 (2017) 134420

Drastic change of the Fermi surface across the metamagnetic transition in CeRh2Si2
Goetze K, Aoki D, Levy-Bertrand F, Harima H and Sheikin I
Physical Review B 95 (2017) 161107
HAL hal-01626150>

T dependence of nuclear spin-echo decay at low temperatures in YbRh2Si2
Kambe S, Sakai H, Tokunaga Y, Hattori T, Lapertot G, Matsuda TD, Knebel G, Flouquet J and Walstedt RE
Physical Review B 95 (2017) 195121

Three-dimensional critical phase diagram of the Ising antiferromagnet CeRh2Si2 under intense magnetic field and pressure
Knafo W, Settai R, Braithwaite D, Kurahashi S, Aoki D and Flouquet J
Physical Review B 95 (2017) 014411

Field-induced phase diagram of the XY pyrochlore antiferromagnet Er2Ti2O7
Lhotel E, Robert J, Ressouche E, Damay F, Mirebeau I, Ollivier J, Mutka H, Dalmas de Reotier P, Yaouanc A, Marin C, et al.
Physical Review B 95 (2017) 134426

Absence of the Pauli-Paramagnetic Limit in a Superconducting U6Co
Manago M, Ishida K and Aoki D
Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 86 (2017) 073701

Field-induced magnetic instability within a superconducting condensate
Mazzone DG, Raymond S, Gavilano JL, Ressouche E, Niedermayer C, Birk JO, Ouladdiaf B, Bastien G, Knebel G, Aoki D, et al.
Science Advances 3 (2017) e1602055
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Spin Resonance and Magnetic Order in an Unconventional Superconductor
Mazzone DG, Raymond S, Gavilano JL, Steffens P, Schneidewind A, Lapertot G and Kenzelmann M
Physical Review Letters 119 (2017) 187002

Superconducting and ferromagnetic phase diagram of UCoGe probed by thermal expansion
Nikitin AM, Geldhof JJ, Huang YK, Aoki D and de Visser A
Physical Review B 95 (2017) 115151

Fermi Surfaces in the Antiferromagnetic, Paramagnetic and Polarized Paramagnetic States of CeRh2Si2 Compared with Quantum Oscillation Experiments
Pourret A, Suzuki M-T, Morales AP, Seyfarth G, Knebel G, Aoki D and Flouquet J
Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 86 (2017) 084702

Coincidence of magnetic and valence quantum critical points in CeRhIn5 under pressure
Ren Z, Scheerer GW, Aoki D, Miyake K, Watanabe S and Jaccard D
Physical Review B 96 (2017) 184524

High-Pressure Study of the Ground- and Superconducting-State Properties of CeAu2Si2
Scheerer GW, Giriat G, Ren Z, Lapertot G and Jaccard D
Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 86 (2017) 064710

Orbital and spin moments in the ferromagnetic superconductor URhGe by x-ray magnetic circular dichroism
Wilhelm F, Sanchez J-P, Brison J-P, Aoki D, Shick AB and Rogalev A
Physical Review B 95 (2017) 235147

Pairing mechanism in the ferromagnetic superconductor UCoGe
Wu B, Bastien G, Taupin M, Paulsen C, Howald L, Aoki D and Brison J-P
Nature Communications 8 (2017) 14480

Magnetic structure of the MnGe helimagnet and representation analysis
Yaouanc A, Dalmas de Reotier P, Maisuradze A and Roessli B
Physical Review B 95 (2017) 174422

Anisotropic B-T Phase Diagram of Non-Kramers System PrRh2Zn20
Yoshida T, Machida Y, Izawa K, Shimada Y, Nagasawa N, Onimaru T, Takabatake T, Gourgout A, Pourret A, Knebel G, et al.
Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 86 (2017) 044711