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Publications of the team in 2008

Published on 14 December 2018

Transport anomalies across the quantum limit in semimetallic Bi0.96Sb0.04
Banerjee A, Fauque B, Izawa K, Miyake A, Sheikin I, Flouquet J, Lenoir B, Behnia K
Physical Review B 78 (2008) 161103

From unconventional insulating behavior towards conventional magnetism in the intermediate-valence compound SmB6
Derr J, Knebel G, Braithwaite D, Salce B, Flouquet J, Flachbart K, Gabani S, Shitsevalova N
Physical Review B 77 (2008) 193107

Low-energy magnetic response of the noncentrosymmetric heavy-fermion superconductor CePt3Si studied via inelastic neutron scattering
Fak B, Raymond S, Braithwaite D, Lapertot G, Mignot JM
Physical Review B 78 (2008) 184518

Pressure-temperature phase diagram of polycrystalline UCoGe studied by resistivity measurement
Hassinger E, Aoki D, Knebel G, Flouquet J
Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 77 (2008) 073703

Temperature-pressure phase diagram of URu2Si2 from resistivity measurements and ac calorimetry: Hidden order and Fermi-surface nesting
Hassinger E, Knebel G, Izawa K, Lejay P, Salce B, Flouquet J
Physical Review B 77 (2008) 115117

Low-temperature structure of magnetite studied using resonant x-ray scattering
Joly Y, Lorenzo JE, Nazarenko E, Hodeau JL, Mannix D, Marin C
Physical Review B 78 (2008) 134110

Magnetic structure study of antiferrornagnet NpPtGa5 by neutron diffraction
Jonen S, Metoki N, Yamamoto E, Homma Y, Aoki D, Shiokawa Y, Onuki Y
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 448 (2008) 84-88

Magnetic and superconducting properties of CeTX3 (T : transition metal and X : Si and Ge) with non-centrosymmetric crystal structure
Kawai T, Muranaka H, Measson MA, Shimoda T, Doi Y, Matsuda TD, Haga Y, Knebel G, Lapertot G, Aoki D, Flouquet J, Takeuchi T, Settai R, Onuki Y
Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 77 (2008) 064716

The Quantum Critical Point in CeRhIn5: A Resistivity Study
Knebel G, Aoki D, Brison JP, Flouquet J
Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 77 (2008) 114704

Field dependence of the ground state in the exotic superconductor CeCoIn5: A nuclear magnetic resonance investigation
Koutroulakis G, Mitrovic VF, Horvatic M, Berthier C, Lapertot G, Flouquet J
Physical Review Letters 101 (2008) 047004

Charge and Orbital Correlations at and above the Verwey Phase Transition in Magnetite
Lorenzo JE, Mazzoli C, Jaouen N, Detlefs C, Mannix D, Grenier S, Joly Y, Marin C
Physical Review Letters 101 (2008) 226401

Single crystal growth and the fermi surface property in LuCoGa5
Matsuda TD, Haga Y, Sakai H, Aoki D, Ikeda S, Yamamoto E, Shishido H, Settai R, Harima H, Onuki Y
Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 77 (2008) 024704

The Fermi surface and f-valence electron count of UPt3
McMullan GJ, Rourke PMC, Norman MR, Huxley AD, Doiron-Leyraud N, Flouquet J, Lonzarich GG, McCollam A, Julian SR
New Journal of Physics 10 (2008) 053029

Double superconducting transition in the filled skutterudite PrOs4Sb12 and sample characterizations
Measson MA, Braithwaite D, Lapertot G, Brison JP, Flouquet J, Bordet P, Sugawara H, Canfield PC
Physical Review B 77 (2008) 134517

Comment on "Texture in the superconducting order parameter of CeCoIn5 revealed by nuclear magnetic resonance"
Mitrovic VF, Koutroulakis G, Klanjsek M, Horvatic M, Berthier C, Knebel G, Lapertot G, Flouquet J
Physical Review Letters 101 (2008) 039701

Field re-entrant superconductivity induced by the enhancement of effective mass in URhGe
Miyake A, Aoki D, Flouquet J
Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 77 (2008) 094709

Theory for Coupled SDW and Superconducting Order in FFLO State of CeCoIn5
Miyake K
Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 77 (2008) 123703

Unconventional resistivity at the border of metallic antiferromagnetism in NiS2
Niklowitz PG, Alireza PL, Steiner MJ, Lonzarich GG, Braithwaite D, Knebel G, Flouquet J, Wilson JA
Physical Review B 77 (2008) 115135

Resonant magnetic x-ray scattering in the antiferromagnet Ce(Fe1-xCox)(2)
Paolasini L, Di Matteo S, Deen PP, Wilkins S, Mazzoli C, Detlefs B, Lapertot G, Canfield P
Physical Review B 77 (2008) 094433

Polarized reflectivity of beta-Sr0.17V2O5
Phuoc VT, Sellier C, Janod E, Marin C
Physical Review B 77 (2008) 075123

Comparative infrared study of optimally doped and underdoped La2-xSrxCuO4 single crystals
Pignon B, Gruener G, Ta Phuoc V, Gervais F, Marin C, Ammor L
Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 20 (2008) 075230

Phonon density of states of SmS under high pressure determined by Sm-149 nuclear inelastic scattering
Ponkratz U, Barla A, Sanchez JP, Lapertot G, Ruffer R, Wortmann G
Physical Review B 78 (2008) 104120

Pressure dependence of the magnetic ordering in CeRhIn5
Raymond S, Knebel G, Aoki D, Flouquet J
Physical Review B 77 (2008) 172502

Formation of collective spins in frustrated clusters
Robert J, Simonet V, Canals B, Ballou R, Lhotel E, Darie C, Bordet P, Ouladdiaf B, Johnson M, Ollivier J, Braithwaite D, Rakoto H, de Brion S
Physical Review B 77 (2008) 054421

Magnetic-Field Dependence of the YbRh2Si2 Fermi Surface
Rourke PMC, McCollam A, Lapertot G, Knebel G, Flouquet J, Julian SR
Physical Review Letters 101 (2008) 237205

Multigap superconductivity in the heavy-fermion system CeCoIn5
Seyfarth G, Brison JP, Knebel G, Aoki D, Lapertot G, Flouquet J
Physical Review Letters 101 (2008) 046401

Hidden magnetic frustration by quantum relaxation in anisotropic Nd langasite
Simonet V, Ballou R, Robert J, Canals B, Hippert F, Bordet P, Lejay P, Fouquet P, Ollivier J, Braithwaite D
Physical Review Letters 100 (2008) 237204

Electric-pulse-driven electronic phase separation, insulator-metal transition, and possible superconductivity in a Mott insulator
Vaju C, Cario L, Corraze B, Janod E, Dubost V, Cren T, Roditchev D, Braithwaite D, Chauvet O
Advanced Materials 20 (2008) 2760-2765

Precise measurements of radio-frequency magnetic susceptibility in ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic materials
Vannette MD, Sefat AS, Jia S, Law SA, Lapertot G, Bud'ko SL, Canfield PC, Schmalian J, Prozorov R
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 320 (2008) 354-363

Collapse of antiferromagnetism in CeRh2Si2: volume versus entropy
Villaume A, Aoki D, Haga Y, Knebel G, Boursier R, Flouquet J
Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 20 (2008) 015203

Signature of hidden order in heavy fermion superconductor URu2Si2: Resonance at the wave vector Q(0)=(1,0,0)
Villaume A, Bourdarot F, Hassinger E, Raymond S, Taufour V, Aoki D, Flouquet J
Physical Review B 78 (2008) 012504

Magnetic-field control of quantum critical points of valence transition
Watanabe S, Tsuruta A, Miyake K, Flouquet J
Physical Review Letters 100 (2008) 236401

Short-range magnetic ordering process for the triangular-lattice compound NiGa2S4: A positive muon spin rotation and relaxation study
Yaouanc A, Dalmas de Reotier P, Chapuis Y, Marin C, Lapertot G, Cervellino A, Amato A
Physical Review B 77 (2008) 092403