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Claude Renaut

On chip optical nanotweezing for dielectric particles manipulation

Published on 20 May 2014

Thesis presented May 20, 2014

On chips optical nanocavities have become useful tools for trapping and manipulation of colloidal objects. In this thesis we study the nanocavities as building blocks for optical forces, trapping and handling of particles. Proof of concept of trapping dielectric microspheres appears as the starting point of the development of lab on chip. In the first chapter we go through the literature of optical forces in free space and integrated optics. The second chapter presents the experimental tools for the characterization of nanocavities and the set-up developed to perform optical measurements with the colloidal particles. The third chapter describes the proof-of-concept trapping of polystyrene particles of 500 nm, 1 and 2 µm. In the following chapter we analyze the particle trapping as function of the injected power into the cavities. The chapter five gives some examples of the possibilities of particles handling functions with coupled cavities. Eventually, in the last chapter we show assemblies of particles on different geometry of cavities studied in this thesis.

Near field optics, Optical assembly, Particles, Optical trapping, Nanocavity

On-line thesis.