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Philipp Achatz

Superconductivity in diamond and related materials

Published on 28 November 2008

Thesis presented November 24, 2008

The doping-induced metal-insulator transition (MIT) and superconductivity has been studied in highly boron-doped single crystal diamond (structural properties, scaling law approach for the MIT, isotopic substitution, band structure vs Hall effect, vibrational modes for boron dimmers) and related materials. Superconductivity has been discovered in case of heavily boron-doped single crystal cubic silicon (prepared by GILD), the MIT in the case of highly aluminium-doped 4H silicon carbide (prepared by VLS). The study of the MIT and the magneto transport in highly boron-doped nanocrystalline diamond has shown the importance of the granularity in this system.

superconductivity, metal-insulator transition, diamond, silicon, silicon carbide, granular system, nanocrystalline, Hall effect, isotopic effect

On-line thesis.