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Experimental techniques and facilities

Published on 13 December 2018

LaTEQS has developed strong experimental expertise in various low temperature measurements. The laboratory is equipped with seven dilution fridge (T < 50mK) for different type of measurements: high impedance conductance
- scanning tunneling spectroscopy
- SQUID based current noise ...We also have lighter low temperature system for fast measurements (Kelvinox 300 mK - ICE Oxford 1.5K).
The position of the laboratory as part of the SPSMS gives us access to other systems like an Quantum Design® PPMS and 16 Tesla plastic dilution insert.
The LaTEQS laboratory is also very active for clean room processing and we have access to the PTA clean room at Minatec®.
Scanning tunneling spectroscopy
SQUID based current noise measurement
• High power dilution fridge
• Other dilution fridge