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Publications of the team in 2014

Published on 14 December 2018

Theoretical, numerical, and experimental study of a flying qubit electronic interferometer
Bautze T, Suessmeier C, Takada S, Groth C, Meunier T, Yamamoto M, Tarucha S, Waintal X and Baeuerle C
Physical Review B 89 (2014) 125432

Theory of microwave spectroscopy of Andreev bound states with a Josephson junction
Bretheau L, Girit CO, Houzet M, Pothier H, Esteve D and Urbina C
Physical Review B 90 (2014) 134506

Quantum Selection of Order in an XXZ Antiferromagnet on a Kagome Lattice
Chernyshev AL and Zhitomirsky ME
Physical Review Letters 113 (2014) 237202

Anomalous Spin Response in the Non-Centrosymmetric Metal CePt3Si
Fak B, Adroja DT, Enderle M, Boehm M, Lapertot G and Mineev VP
Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 83 (2014) 063703

Dynamical control of interference using voltage pulses in the quantum regime
Gaury B and Waintal X
Nature Communications 5 (2014) 3844

Numerical simulations of time-resolved quantum electronics
Gaury B, Weston J, Santin M, Houzet M, Groth C and Waintal X
Physics Reports-Review Section of Physics Letters 534 (2014) 1-37

Stopping electrons with radio-frequency pulses in the quantum Hall regime
Gaury B, Weston J and Waintal X
Physical Review B 90 (2014) 161305

Kwant: a software package for quantum transport
Groth CW, Wimmer M, Akhmerov AR and Waintal X
New Journal of Physics 16 (2014) 063065

Spin-resolved Andreev levels and parity crossings in hybrid superconductor-semiconductor nanostructures
Lee EJH, Jiang X, Houzet M, Aguado R, Lieber CM and De Franceschi S
Nature Nanotechnology 9 (2014) 79-84

Thermally driven magnetic precession in spin valves
Luc D and Waintal X
Physical Review B 90 (2014) 144430

Order from structural disorder in the XY pyrochlore antiferromagnet Er2Ti2O7
Maryasin VS and Zhitomirsky ME
Physical Review B 90 (2014) 094412

Superconducting phase transition of Sr2RuO4 in a magnetic field
Mineev VP
Physical Review B 89 (2014) 134519

Half-Quantum Vortices in Polar Phase of Superfluid He
Mineev VP
Journal of Low Temperature Physics 177 (2014) 48-58

Superconductivity in uranium compounds
Mineev VP
Physical Review B 90 (2014) 064506

Shooting quasiparticles from Andreev bound states in a superconducting constriction
Riwar RP, Houzet M, Meyer JS and Nazarov YV
Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics 119 (2014) 1028-1033

Spin transfer torque in antiferromagnetic spin valves: From clean to disordered regimes (vol 89, 174430, 2014)
Saidaoui HBM, Manchon A and Waintal X
Physical Review B 90 (2014) 019901

Role of dimensionality in spontaneous magnon decay: Easy-plane ferromagnet
Stephanovich VA and Zhitomirsky ME
Physical Review B 89 (2014) 224415

Nature of finite-temperature transition in anisotropic pyrochlore Er2Ti2O7
Zhitomirsky ME, Holdsworth PCW and Moessner R
Physical Review B 89 (2014) 140403

Direct Determination of Exchange Parameters in Cs2CuBr4 and Cs2CuCl4: High-Field Electron-Spin-Resonance Studies
Zvyagin SA, Kamenskyi D, Ozerov M, Wosnitza J, Ikeda M, Fujita T, Hagiwara M, Smirnov AI, Soldatov TA, Shapiro AY, et al.
Physical Review Letters 112 (2014) 077206