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Claude Chapelier

Fax: 04 38 78 50 96
Research staff at CEA

Team activity

SIT Conference
In 2014 we organize a conference on strongly disordered superconductors in Villard de Lans. strongly disordered superconductors are attracting much interest due to the intriguing new states of matter that exist in the vicinity of the superconductor-insulator transition (SIT) and due to their potential applications in THz detection of astronomical signals and in quantum information devices.
More info on the conference website.

Research Topics
Superconductivity in inhomogeneous materials. Vortex, Superconductor-Insulator transition, proximity effect.
Design of STM microscopes. Learn more at my group web site.

1995 - present: Research staff at CEA. Very low temperature Scanning Tunneling Microscope.
1993 - 1995: Sabbatical at Berkeley (USA).
1989 - 1993: Collaboration with A. Benoît and D. Mailly. Persistent current in a mesoscopic ring.
1989: PhD in Physics form Grenoble INP. Phonons in superfluid liquid helium.

Tatyana Baturina (Institute of semi-conductor physics - Novosibirsk)
Hélène Bouchiat (LPS - Orsay)
Vincent Bouchiat (Néel Institute - Grenoble)
Ivan Brihuega
Johann Coraux (Néel Institute - Grenoble)
Clément Dutreix (Bordeaux University)
Mikhail Feigel'man (Landau Institute - Moscow)
Lev Ioffe (Rutger university - New Jersey)
Matthieu Jamet (IRIG - Grenoble)
Vincent Renard (IRIG - Grenoble)
Benjamin Sacépé
(Néel Institute - Grenoble)
Dan Shahar (Weizmann Institute - Rehovot)
Guy Trambly de Laissardière (Cergy-Pontoiseuniversity)
Valerii Vinokur (Argonne National Lab - Argonne)

Selected Publications
Size-selective carbon custers as obstacles to graphene growth on a metal
Alexandre Artaud, Laurence Magaud, Kitti Ratter, Bruno Gilles, Valérie Guisset, Philippe David, Jose Martinez, José Martin-Gago, Claude Chapelier and Johann Coraux
Nano Lett. 18, 4812 (2018)

Collective energy gap of preformed Cooper pairs in disordred superconductors
Thomas Dubouchet, Benjamin Sacépé, Johanna Seidemann, Dan Shahar, Marc Sanquer and Claude Chapelier
Nature Physics 7, 239 (2018)

Beyond van der Waals interaction: The case of MoSe2 epitaxially grown on few-layer graphene
Minh Tuan Dau, et al.
ACS Nano 12, 2319 (2018)

Universal classification of twisted, strained and sheared graphene moiré superlattices
A. Artaud, L. Magaud, T. Le Quang, V.Guisset, P. David, C. Chapelier and J. Coraux
Scientific Reports | 6:25670 | DOI: 10.1038/srep25670 (2016)

High-field termination of a Cooper-pair insulator
B. Sacépé, J. Seidemann, M. Ovadia, I. Tamir, D. Shahar, C. Chapelier, C. Strunk and B. A. Piot
Physical Review B
91, 220508(R) (2015)

Electrodynamic response and local tunneling spectroscopy of strongly disordered superconducting TiN films
P.C.J.J. Coumou, E.F.C. Driessen, J. Bueno, C. Chapelier and T.M. Klapwijk
Physical Review B 88, 180505(R), (2013).

Induced superconductivity in graphene grown on rhenium
C. Tonnoir, A. Kimouche, J. Coraux, L. Magaud, B. Delsol, B. Gilles and C. Chapelier
Physical Review Letters 111, 246805 (2013)

Localization of preformed Cooper-pairs in disordered superconductors.
B. Sacépé, Th. Dubouchet, C. Chapelier, M. Sanquer, M. Ovadia, Dan Shahar, M. Feigel'man and L.B. Ioffe
Nature Physics 7, 239 (2011) or ArXiv.

Pseudogap in a thin film of a conventional superconductor.
B. Sacépé, C. Chapelier, T. I. Baturina, V. M. Vinokur, M. R. Baklanov and M. Sanquer
Nature Communications 1:140 doi:10.1038/ncomms1140 (2010) or ArXiv.

Superconducting Group IV semiconductors
X. Blase, E. Bustarret, C. Chapelier, T. Klein and C. Marcenat
Nature Materials, 8, 375, (2009)

Disorder-induced inhomogeneities of the superconducting state close to the superconductor-insulator transition
B. Sacépé, C. Chapelier, T. I. Baturina, V. M. Vinokur, M. R. Baklanov and M.  Sanquer
Phys. Rev. Lett., 101, 157006, (2008)

Tunneling spectroscopy and vortex imaging in boron-doped diamond
B. Sacépé, C. Chapelier, C.  Marcenat, J. Kacmarcik, T. Klein, M. Bernard and E. Bustarret
Phys. Rev. Lett., 96, 097006, (2006)

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