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Publications de l'équipe en 2017

Publié le 12 décembre 2018

Powering electrodes for high performance aqueous micro-supercapacitors: Diamond-coated silicon nanowires operating at a wide cell voltage of 3 V
Aradilla D, Gao F, Lewes-Malandrakis G, Mueller-Sebert W, Gentile P, Pouget S, Nebel CE and Bidan G
Electrochimica Acta 242 (2017) 173-179

Growth and structural properties of step-graded, high Sn content GeSn layers on Ge
Aubin J, Hartmann JM, Gassenq A, Rouviere J-L, Robin E, Delaye V, Cooper D, Mollard N, Reboud V and Calvo V
Semiconductor Science and Technology 32 (2017) 094006

Impact of thickness on the structural properties of high tin content GeSn layers
Aubin J, Hartmann J-M, Gassenq A, Milord L, Pauc N, Reboud V and Calvo V
Journal of Crystal Growth 473 (2017) 20-27

Tailoring Strain and Morphology of Core-Shell SiGe Nanowires by Low-Temperature Ge Condensation
David T, Liu K, Ronda A, Favre L, Abbarchi M, Gailhanou M, Gentile P, Buttard D, Calvo V, Amato M, et al.
Nano Letters 17 (2017) 7299-7305

Atomic Layer Deposition Alumina-Passivated Silicon Nanowires: Probing the Transition from Electrochemical Double-Layer Capacitor to Electrolytic Capacitor
Gaboriau D, Boniface M, Valero A, Aldakov D, Brousse T, Gentile P and Sadki S
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 9 (2017) 13761-13769
HAL <hal-01720979>

Highly strained Ge micro-blocks bonded on Si platform for mid-infrared photonic applications
Gassenq A, Guilloy K, Pauc N, Rouchon D, Widiez J, Rothman J, Hartmann J-M, Chelnokov A, Reboud V and Calvo V
MRS Communications 7 (2017) 691-694

Raman spectral shift versus strain and composition in GeSn layers with 6%-15% Sn content
Gassenq A, Milord L, Aubin J, Pauc N, Guilloy K, Rothman J, Rouchon D, Chelnokov A, Hartmann J-M, Reboud V, et al.
Applied Physics Letters 110 (2017) 112101

Raman-strain relations in highly strained Ge: Uniaxial < 100 >, < 110 > and biaxial (001) stress
Gassenq A, Tardif S, Guilloy K, Duchemin I, Pauc N, Hartmann J-M, Rouchon D, Widiez J, Niquet Y-M, Milord L, et al.
Journal of Applied Physics 121 (2017) 055702

Fabrication and characterization of a germanium nanowire light emitting diode
Greil J, Bertagnolli E, Salem B, Baron T, Gentile P and Lugstein A
Applied Physics Letters 111 (2017) 233103

New electrolyte mixture of propylene carbonate and butyltrimethylammonium bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl) imide (N-1114 TFSI) for high performance silicon nanowire (SiNW)-based supercapacitor applications
Le T, Gentile P, Bidan G and Aradilla D
Electrochimica Acta 254 (2017) 368-374

Electrochemical performance of silicon nanostructures in low-temperature ionic liquids for microelectronic applications
Platek A, Piwek J, Fic K, Schubert T, Gentile P, Bidan G and Frackowiak E
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 5 (2017) 22708-22716

Germanium based photonic components toward a full silicon/germanium photonic platform
Reboud V, Gassenq A, Hartmann J-M, Widiez J, Virot L, Aubin J, Guilloy K, Tardif S, Fedeli JM, Pauc N, et al.
Progress in Crystal Growth and Characterization of Materials 63 (2017) 1-24

Optically pumped GeSn micro-disks with 16% Sn lasing at 3.1 mu m up to 180K
Reboud V, Gassenq A, Pauc N, Aubin J, Milord L, Thai QM, Bertrand M, Guilloy K, Rouchon D, Rothman J, et al.
Applied Physics Letters 111 (2017) 092101