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Publications de l'équipe en 2012

Publié le 12 décembre 2018

Hidden defects in silicon nanowires
Den Hertog MI, Cayron C, Gentile P, Dhalluin F, Oehler F, Baron T, Rouviere JL
Nanotechnology 23 (2012) 025701

Highly conformal deposition of copper nanocylinders uniformly electrodeposited in nanoporous alumina template for ordered catalytic applications
Descarpentries J, Buttard D, Dupre L, Gorisse T
Micro & Nano Letters 7 (2012) 1241-1245

Influence of dimensional fluctuations on the optical coupling between nanobeam twin cavities
Foubert K, Cluzel B, Lalouat L, Picard E, Peyrade D, de Fornel F, Hadji E
Physical Review B 85 (2012) 235454

Effect of HCl on the doping and shape control of silicon nanowires
Gentile P, Solanki A, Pauc N, Oehler F, Salem B, Rosaz G, Baron T, Den Hertog M, Calvo V
Nanotechnology 23 (2012) 215702

Structural, electrical and optical properties of in-situ phosphorous-doped Ge layers
Hartmann JM, Barnes JP, Veillerot M, Fedeli JM, Benoit A La Guillaume Q, Calvo V
Journal of Crystal Growth 347 (2012) 37-44

Supported platinum nanotubes array as new fuel cell electrode architecture
Lazar F, Morin A, Pauc N, Gentile P, Donet S, Guetaz L, Sicardy O
Electrochimica Acta 78 (2012) 98-108

Multifunctional Devices and Logic Gates With Undoped Silicon Nanowires
Mongillo M, Spathis P, Katsaros G, Gentile P, De Franceschi S
Nano Letters 12 (2012) 3074-3079

Assembly of microparticles by optical trapping with a photonic crystal nanocavity
Renaut C, Dellinger J, Cluzel B, Honegger T, Peyrade D, Picard E, de Fornel F, Hadji E
Applied Physics Letters 100 (2012) 101103

Electrical characterization of planar silicon nanowire field-effect transistors
Rosaz G, Salem B, Pauc N, Gentile P, Potié A, Solanki A, Bassani F, Baron T, Cagnon L
International Journal of Nanoscience 11 (2012) 1240011

Geometrical control of photocurrent in active Si nanowire devices
Solanki A, Gentile P, Calvo V, Rosaz G, Salem B, Aimez V, Drouin D, Pauc N
Nano Energy 1 (2012) 714-722

Highly doped silicon nanowires based electrodes for micro-electrochemical capacitor applications
Thissandier F, Le Comte A, Crosnier O, Gentile P, Bidan G, Hadji E, Brousse T, Sadki S
Electrochemistry Communications 25 (2012) 109-111