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Publications de l'équipe en 2008

Publié le 12 décembre 2018

Fabrication of Well-Organized and Densely Packed Si Nanopillars Containing SiGe Nanodots by Using Block Copolymer Templates
Aissou K, Baron T, Kogelschatz M, Den Hertog M, Rouviere JL, Hartmann JM, Pelissier B
Chemistry of Materials 20 (2008) 6183-6188

Direct Quantification of Gold along a Single Si Nanowire
Bailly A, Renault O, Barrett N, Zagonel LF, Gentile P, Pauc N, Dhalluin F, Baron T, Chabli A, Cezar JC, Brookes NB
Nano Letters 8 (2008) 3709-3714

A new architecture for self-organized silicon nanowire growth integrated on a (100) silicon substrate
Buttard D, David T, Gentile P, Den Hertog M, Baron T, Ferret P, Rouviere JL
Physica Status Solidi a-Applications and Materials Science 205 (2008) 1606-1614

A near-field actuated optical nanocavity
Cluzel B, Lalouat L, Velha P, Picard E, Peyrade D, Rodier JC, Charvolin T, Lalanne P, de Fornel F, Hadji E
Optics Express 16 (2008) 279-286

Nano-manipulation of confined electromagnetic fields with a near-field probe
Cluzel B, Lalouat L, Velha P, Picard E, Peyrade D, Rodier JC, Charvolin T, Lalanne P, Hadji E, de Fornel F
Comptes Rendus Physique 9 (2008) 24-30

Structural investigation of silicon nanowires using GIXD and GISAXS: Evidence of complex saw-tooth faceting
David T, Buttard D, Schulli T, Dallhuin F, Gentile P
Surface Science 602 (2008) 2675-2680

Photoluminescence of confined electron-hole plasma in core-shell silicon/silicon oxide nanowires
Demichel O, Oehler F, Noe P, Calvo V, Pauc N, Gentile P, Baron T, Peyrade D, Magnea N
Applied Physics Letters 93 (2008) 213104

Control of gold surface diffusion on Si nanowires
den Hertog MI, Rouviere JL, Dhalluin F, Desre PJ, Gentile P, Ferret P, Oehler F, Baron T
Nano Letters 8 (2008) 1544-1550

Near-field modal microscopy of subwavelength light confinement in multimode silicon slot waveguides
Foubert K, Lalouat L, Cluzel B, Picard E, Peyrade D, Delamadeleine E, de Fornel F, Hadji E
Applied Physics Letters 93 (2008) 251103

The growth of small diameter silicon nanowires to nanotrees
Gentile P, David T, Dhalluin F, Buttard D, Pauc N, Den Hertog M, Ferret P, Baron T
Nanotechnology 19 (2008) 125608

Subwavelength imaging of light confinement in high-Q/small-V photonic crystal nanocavity
Lalouat L, Cluzel B, de Fornel F, Velha P, Lalanne P, Peyrade D, Picard E, Charvolin T, Hadji E
Applied Physics Letters 92 (2008) 111111

Atomic structure of Mn-rich nanocolumns probed by x-ray absorption spectroscopy
Rovezzi M, Devillers T, Arras E, d'Acapito F, Barski A, Jamet M, Pochet P
Applied Physics Letters 92 (2008) 242510