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Publications de l'équipe en 2005

Publié le 14 décembre 2018
Subwavelength imaging of field confinement in a waveguide-integrated photonic crystal cavity
Cluzel B, Gerard D, Picard E, Charvolin T, de Fornel F, Hadji E
Journal of Applied Physics 98 (2005) 086109

Kinetic roughening of charge spreading in a two-dimensional silicon nanocrystal network detected by electrostatic force microscopy
Dianoux R, Smilde HJH, Marchi F, Buffet N, Mur P, Comin F, Chevrier J
Physical Review B 71 (2005) 125303

Electronic and optical properties of Si/SiO2 nanostructures. I. Electron-hole collective processes in single Si/SiO2 quantum wells
Pauc N, Calvo V, Eymery J, Fournel F, Magnea N
Physical Review B 72 (2005) 205324

Efficient coupling of Er-doped silicon-rich oxide to microdisk whispering gallery modes
Verbert J, Mazen F, Charvolin T, Picard E, Calvo V, Noe P, Gerard JM, Hadji E
Applied Physics Letters 86 (2005) 111117