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Publications de l'équipe en 2010

Publié le 12 décembre 2018

Single photons from single CdSe quantum dot embedded in ZnSe nanowire
Aichele T, Sallen G, Tribu A, Andre R, Bougerol C, Tatarenko S, Kheng K, Poizat JP
International Journal of Nanotechnology 7 (2010) 686-701

Defect structure in heteroepitaxial semipolar (11(2)over-bar2) (Ga, Al)N
Arroyo Rojas Dasilva Y, Chauvat MP, Ruterana P, Lahourcade L, Monroy E, Nataf G
Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 22 (2010) 355802

Controlling the dynamics of a coupled atom-cavity system by pure dephasing
Auffeves A, Gerace D, Gerard JM, Santos MF, Andreani LC, Poizat JP
Physical Review B 81 (2010) 245419

Study of Au/ZnO nanorods Schottky light-emitting diodes grown by low-temperature aqueous chemical method
Bano N, Hussain I, Nur O, Willander M, Kwack HS, Dang DLS
Applied Physics a-Materials Science & Processing 100 (2010) 467-472

Depth-resolved cathodoluminescence study of zinc oxide nanorods catalytically grown on p-type 4H-SiC
Bano N, Hussain I, Nur O, Willander M, Wahab Q, Henry A, Kwack HS, Le Si Dang D
Journal of Luminescence 130 (2010) 963-968

Electrical and diffraction characterization of short and narrow MOSFETs on fully depleted strained silicon-on-insulator (sSOI)
Baudot S, Andrieu F, Faynot O, Eymery J
Solid-State Electronics 54 (2010) 861-869

Fully Depleted Strained Silicon-on-Insulator p-MOSFETs With Recessed and Embedded Silicon-Germanium Source/Drain
Baudot S, Andrieu F, Weber O, Perreau P, Damlencourt JF, Barnola S, Salvetat T, Tosti L, Brevard L, Lafond D, Eymery J, Faynot O
Ieee Electron Device Letters 31 (2010) 1074-1076

Spins in semiconducting nanostructures
Besombes L, Ferrand D, Mariette H, Cibert J, Jamet M, Barski A
International Journal of Nanotechnology 7 (2010) 641-667

Homoepitaxial growth of catalyst-free GaN wires on N-polar substrates
Chen XJ, Perillat-Merceroz G, Sam-Giao D, Durand C, Eymery J
Applied Physics Letters 97 (2010) 151909

A highly efficient single-photon source based on a quantum dot in a photonic nanowire
Claudon J, Bleuse J, Malik NS, Bazin M, Jaffrennou P, Gregersen N, Sauvan C, Lalanne P, Gerard JM
Nature Photonics 4 (2010) 174-177

Dynamical equilibrium between magnetic ions and photocarriers in low Mn-doped single quantum dots
Clement T, Ferrand D, Besombes L, Boukari H, Mariette H
Physical Review B 81 (2010) 155328

Optical characterization and selective addressing of the resonant modes of a micropillar cavity with a white light beam
Ctistis G, Hartsuiker A, van der Pol E, Claudon J, Vos WL, Gerard JM
Physical Review B 82 (2010) 195330

Indium kinetics during the plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy of semipolar (11-22) InGaN layers
Das A, Magalhaes S, Kotsar Y, Kandaswamy PK, Gayral B, Lorenz K, Alves E, Ruterana P, Monroy E
Applied Physics Letters 96 (2010) 181907

Excitons in motion in II-VI semiconductors
Davies JJ, Smith LC, Wolverson D, Kochereshko VP, Cibert J, Mariette H, Boukari H, Wiater M, Karczewski G, Wojtowicz T, Gust A, Kruse C, Hommel D
Physica Status Solidi B-Basic Solid State Physics 247 (2010) 1521-1527

Impact of surfaces on the optical properties of GaAs nanowires
Demichel O, Heiss M, Bleuse J, Mariette H, Morral AFI
Applied Physics Letters 97 (2010) 201907

Electron and hole spin cooling efficiency in InAs quantum dots: The role of nuclear field
Desfonds P, Eble B, Fras F, Testelin C, Bernardot F, Chamarro M, Urbaszek B, Amand T, Marie X, Gerard JM, Thierry-Mieg V, Miard A, Lemaitre A
Applied Physics Letters 96 (2010) 172108

Morphology and strain of self-assembled semipolar GaN quantum dots in (11(2)over-bar2) AlN
Dimitrakopulos GP, Kalesaki E, Kioseoglou J, Kehagias T, Lotsari A, Lahourcade L, Monroy E, Hausler I, Kirmse H, Neumann W, Jurczak G, Young TD, Dluzewski P, Komninou P, Karakostas T
Journal of Applied Physics 108 (2010) 104304

A single-step electron beam lithography of buried nanostructures using cathodoluminescence imaging and low temperature
Donatini F, Dang LS
Nanotechnology 21 (2010) 375303

Analysis of strain and stacking faults in single nanowires using Bragg coherent diffraction imaging
Favre-Nicolin V, Mastropietro F, Eymery J, Camacho D, Niquet YM, Borg BM, Messing E, Wernersson LE, Algra RE, Bakkers E, Metzger TH, Harder R, Robinson IK
New Journal of Physics 12 (2010) 035013

Subnanosecond delay of light in CdxZn1-xTe crystals
Godde T, Akimov IA, Yakovlev DR, Mariette H, Bayer M
Physical Review B 82 (2010) 115332

Designs for high-efficiency electrically pumped photonic nanowire single-photon sources
Gregersen N, Nielsen TR, Mork J, Claudon J, Gerard JM
Optics Express 18 (2010) 21204-21218

Numerical and Experimental Study of the Q Factor of High-Q Micropillar Cavities
Gregersen N, Reitzenstein S, Kistner C, Strauss M, Schneider C, Hofling S, Worschech L, Forchel A, Nielsen TR, Mork J, Gerard JM
Ieee Journal of Quantum Electronics 46 (2010) 1470-1483

The structural properties of GaN/AlN core-shell nanocolumn heterostructures
Hestroffer K, Mata R, Camacho D, Leclere C, Tourbot G, Niquet YM, Cros A, Bougerol C, Renevier H, Daudin B
Nanotechnology 21 (2010) 415702

Intersubband Transition-Based Processes and Devices in AlN/GaN-Based Heterostructures
Hofstetter D, Baumann E, Giorgetta FR, Theron R, Wu H, Schaff WJ, Dawlaty J, George PA, Eastman LF, Rana F, Kandaswamy PK, Guillot F, Monroy E
Proceedings of the IEEE 98 (2010) 1234-1248

Performance Improvement of AlN-GaN-Based Intersubband Detectors by Using Quantum Dots
Hofstetter D, Di Francesco J, Kandaswamy PK, Das A, Valdueza-Felip S, Monroy E
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 22 (2010) 1087-1089

Whispering gallery mode lasing in high quality GaAs/AlAs pillar microcavities
Jaffrennou P, Claudon J, Bazin M, Malik NS, Reitzenstein S, Worschech L, Kamp M, Forchel A, Gerard JM
Applied Physics Letters 96 (2010) 071103

Effect of doping on the mid-infrared intersubband absorption in GaN/AlGaN superlattices grown on Si(111) templates
Kandaswamy PK, Machhadani H, Kotsar Y, Sakr S, Das A, Tchernycheva M, Rapenne L, Sarigiannidou E, Julien FH, Monroy E
Applied Physics Letters 96 (2010) 141903

Electro-optical and Cathodoluminescence properties of low temperature grown ZnO nanorods/p-GaN white light emitting diodes
Kishwar S, ul Hasan K, Tzamalis G, Nur O, Willander M, Kwack HS, Dang DLS
Physica Status Solidi a-Applications and Materials Science 207 (2010) 67-72

Spin properties of trions in a dense 2DEG
Kochereshko V, Besombes L, Mariette H, Wojtowicz T, Karczewski G, Kossut J
Physica Status Solidi B-Basic Solid State Physics 247 (2010) 1531-1534

Self-assembled growth of catalyst-free GaN wires by metal-organic vapour phase epitaxy
Koester R, Hwang JS, Durand C, Dang DL, Eymery J
Nanotechnology 21 (2010) 015602

Elastic strain relaxation in GaN/AlN nanowire superlattice
Landré O, Camacho D, Bougerol C, Niquet YM, Favre-Nicolin V, Renaud G, Renevier H, Daudin B
Physical Review B 81 (2010) 153306

Molecular beam epitaxy growth and optical properties of AlN nanowires
Landré O, Fellmann V, Jaffrennou P, Bougerol C, Renevier H, Cros A, Daudin B
Applied Physics Letters 96 (2010) 061912

Optical initialization, readout, and dynamics of a Mn spin in a quantum dot
Le Gall C, Kolodka RS, Cao CL, Boukari H, Mariette H, Fernandez-Rossier J, Besombes L
Physical Review B 81 (2010) 245315

Excitonic polaritons in transverse magnetic fields
Loginov DK, Kochereshko VP, Cox RT, Besombes L, Mariette H, Davies JJ, Wolverson D, Smith LC
Physica Status Solidi B-Basic Solid State Physics 247 (2010) 1528-1530

Terahertz intersubband absorption in GaN/AlGaN step quantum wells
Machhadani H, Kotsar Y, Sakr S, Tchernycheva M, Colombelli R, Mangeney J, Bellet-Amalric E, Sarigiannidou E, Monroy E, Julien FH
Applied Physics Letters 97 (2010) 191101

Functionalizing self-assembled GaN quantum dot superlattices by Eu-implantation
Magalhaes S, Peres M, Fellmann V, Daudin B, Neves AJ, Alves E, Monteiro T, Lorenz K
Journal of Applied Physics 108 (2010) 084306

Excitons bound to Te isoelectronic dyads in ZnSe
Marcet S, Andre R, Francoeur S
Physical Review B 82 (2010) 235309

Charged excitons and biexcitons bound to isoelectronic centers
Marcet S, Ouellet-Plamondon C, Ethier-Majcher G, Saint-Jean P, Andre R, Klem JF, Francoeur S
Physical Review B 82 (2010) 235311

Characterization of spin-state tuning in thermally annealed semiconductor quantum dots
Margapoti E, Alves FM, Mahapatra S, Schmidt T, Lopez-Richard V, Destefani C, Menendez-Proupin E, Qu FY, Bougerol C, Brunner K, Forchel A, Marques GE, Worschech L
Physical Review B 82 (2010) 205318

Reversed polarized emission in highly strained a-plane GaN/AlN multiple quantum wells
Mata R, Cros A, Budagosky JA, Molina-Sanchez A, Garro N, Garcia-Cristobal A, Renard J, Founta S, Gayral B, Bellet-Amalric E, Bougerol C, Daudin B
Physical Review B 82 (2010) 125405

Coulsellite, CaNa3AlMg3F14, a rhombohedral pyrochlore with 1:3 ordering in both A and B sites, from the Cleveland Mine, Tasmania, Australia
Mumme WG, Grey IE, Birch WD, Pring A, Bougerol C, Wilson NC
American Mineralogist 95 (2010) 736-740

Homogeneous linewidth of the intraband transition at 1.55 mu m in GaN/AlN quantum dots
Nguyen DT, Wuster W, Roussignol P, Voisin C, Cassabois G, Tchernycheva M, Julien FH, Guillot F, Monroy E
Applied Physics Letters 97 (2010) 061903

Visualization of Tm dopant atoms diffused out of GaN quantum dots
Okuno H, Rouviere JL, Jouneau PH, Bayle-Guillemaud P, Daudin B
Applied Physics Letters 96 (2010) 251908

Ordering of Pd(2+) and Pd(4+) in the Mixed-Valent Palladate KPd(2)O(3)
Panin RV, Khasanova NR, Bougerol C, Schnelle W, Van Tendeloo G, Antipov EV
Inorganic Chemistry 49 (2010) 1295-1297

Optical spectroscopy of cubic GaN in nanowires
Renard J, Tourbot G, Sam-Giao D, Bougerol C, Daudin B, Gayral B
Applied Physics Letters 97 (2010) 081910

Exciton-polariton Bose-Einstein condensation: advances and issues
Richard M, Kasprzak J, Baas A, Kundermann S, Lagoudakis KG, Wouters M, Carusotto I, Andre R, Deveaud-Pledran B, Dang LS
International Journal of Nanotechnology 7 (2010) 668-685

Investigation of the electronic transport in GaN nanowires containing GaN/A1N quantum discs
Rigutti L, Jacopin G, Bugallo AD, Tchernycheva M, Warde E, Julien FH, Songmuang R, Galopin E, Largeau L, Harmand JC
Nanotechnology 21 (2010) 425206

Photoluminescence polarization properties of single GaN nanowires containing AlxGa1-xN/GaN quantum discs
Rigutti L, Tchernycheva M, Bugallo AD, Jacopin G, Julien FH, Furtmayr F, Stutzmann M, Eickhoff M, Songmuang R, Fortuna F
Physical Review B 81 (2010) 045411

Ultraviolet Photodetector Based on GaN/AlN Quantum Disks in a Single Nanowire
Rigutti L, Tchernycheva M, Bugallo AD, Jacopin G, Julien FH, Zagonel LF, March K, Stephan O, Kociak M, Songmuang R
Nano Letters 10 (2010) 2939-2943

GaN-based quantum cascade photodetector with 1.5 mu m peak detection wavelength
Sakr S, Kotsar Y, Haddadi S, Tchernycheva M, Vivien L, Sarigiannidou I, Isac N, Monroy E, Julien FH
Electronics Letters 46 (2010) 1685-U75

Subnanosecond spectral diffusion measurement using photon correlation
Sallen G, Tribu A, Aichele T, Andre R, Besombes L, Bougerol C, Richard M, Tatarenko S, Kheng K, Poizat JP
Nature Photonics 4 (2010) 696-699

Identification of III-N nanowire growth kinetics via a marker technique
Songmuang R, Ben T, Daudin B, Gonzalez D, Monroy E
Nanotechnology 21 (2010) 295605

Quantum Transport in GaN/AlN Double-Barrier Heterostructure Nanowires
Songmuang R, Katsaros G, Monroy E, Spathis P, Bougerol C, Mongillo M, De Franceschi S
Nano Letters 10 (2010) 3545-3550

Influence of deposition conditions on nanocrystalline InN layers synthesized on Si(111) and GaN templates by RF sputtering
Valdueza-Felip S, Naranjo FB, Gonzalez-Herraez M, Lahourcade L, Monroy E, Fernandez S
Journal of Crystal Growth 312 (2010) 2689-2694

Negative photoconductivity due to intraband transitions in GaN/AlN quantum dots
Vardi A, Bahir G, Schacham SE, Kandaswamy PK, Monroy E
Journal of Applied Physics 108 (2010) 104512

Influence of Stacking Sequences and Lattice Parameter Differences on the Microstructure of Nonpolar AlN Films Grown on (11(2)over-bar0) 6H-SiC by Plasma-Assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy
Vennegues P, Founta S, Mariette H, Daudin B
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 49 (2010) 040201