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Publications de l'équipe en 2007

Publié le 12 décembre 2018

Antiferromagnetic order in pure CeFe2 under pressure
Braithwaite D, Lapertot G, Salce B, Cumberlidge AM, Alireza PL
Physical Review B 76 (2007) 224427

Simple adaptation of the Bridgman high pressure technique for use with liquid media
Colombier E, Braithwaite D
Review of Scientific Instruments 78 (2007) 093903

Single-ion anisotropy and transverse magnetization in the frustrated gadolinium pyrochlores
Glazkov VN, Zhitomirsky M, Smirnov AI, Marin C, Sanchez JP, Forget A, Colson D, Bonville P
Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 19 (2007) 145271

Thermoelectric response near a quantum critical point: The case of CeCoIn5
Izawa K, Behnia K, Matsuda Y, Shishido H, Settai R, Onuki Y, Flouquet J
Physical Review Letters 99 (2007) 147005

Field-induced fermi surface reconstruction and adiabatic continuity between antiferromagnetism and the hidden-order state in URu2Si2
Jo YJ, Balicas L, Capan C, Behnia K, Lejay P, Flouquet J, Mydosh JA, Schlottmann P
Physical Review Letters 98 (2007) 166404

Acute enhancement of the upper critical field for superconductivity approaching a quantum critical point in URhGe
Levy F, Sheikin I, Huxley A
Nature Physics 3 (2007) 460-463

Anisotropy of the Sommerfeld coefficient in magnesium diboride single crystals
Pribulova Z, Klein T, Marcus J, Marcenat C, Levy F, Park MS, Lee HG, Kang BW, Lee SI, Tajima S, Lee S
Physical Review Letters 98 (2007) 137001

Field and angular dependence of the Sommerfeld coefficient in Al-doped MgB2 single crystals
Pribulova Z, Klein T, Marcus J, Marcenat C, Park MS, Lee HS, Lee HG, Lee SI
Physical Review B 76 (2007) 180502

Magnetic structure of CeRhIn5 under magnetic field
Raymond S, Ressouche E, Knebel G, Aoki D, Flouquet J
Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 19 (2007) 242204

Pressure-induced f-electron delocalization in the U-based strongly correlated compounds UPd3 and UPd2Al3: Resonant inelastic x-ray scattering and first-principles calculations
Rueff JP, Raymond S, Yaresko A, Braithwaite D, Leininger P, Vanko G, Huxley A, Rebizant J, Sato N
Physical Review B 76 (2007) 085113

On the local and itinerant properties of the ESR in YbRh2Si2
Wykhoff J, Sichelschmidt J, Lapertot G, Knebel G, Flouquet J, Fazlishanov II, von Nidda HAK, Krellner C, Geibel C, Steglich F
Science and Technology of Advanced Materials 8 (2007) 389-392