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Publications de l'équipe en 2010

Publié le 12 décembre 2018

Spins in semiconducting nanostructures
Besombes L, Ferrand D, Mariette H, Cibert J, Jamet M, Barski A
International Journal of Nanotechnology 7 (2010) 641-667

Surface Recombination Velocity Measurements of Efficiently Passivated Gold-Catalyzed Silicon Nanowires by a New Optical Method
Demichel O, Calvo V, Besson A, Noe P, Salem B, Pauc N, Oehler F, Gentile P, Magnea N
Nano Letters 10 (2010) 2323-2329

Impact of surfaces on the optical properties of GaAs nanowires
Demichel O, Heiss M, Bleuse J, Mariette H, Morral AFI
Applied Physics Letters 97 (2010) 201907

Silicon nanowires: Diameter dependence of growth rate and delay in growth
Dhalluin F, Baron T, Ferret P, Salem B, Gentile P, Harmand JC
Applied Physics Letters 96 (2010) 133109

Investigation of magnetic anisotropy of (Ge,Mn) nanocolumns
Jain A, Jamet M, Barski A, Devillers T, Porret C, Bayle-Guillemaud P, Gambarelli S, Maurel V, Desfonds G
Applied Physics Letters 97 (2010) 202502

(Ge,Mn): A ferromagnetic semiconductor for spin injection in silicon
Jamet M, Devillers T, Yu IS, Barski A, Bayle-Guillemaud P, Rothman J, Favre-Nicolin V, Tardif S, Cherifi S, Cibert J, Grenet L, Noe P, Calvo V, Warin P, Hartmann JM, Rodmacq B, Auffret S, Samson Y
International Journal of Nanotechnology 7 (2010) 575-590

Excitation mapping of whispering gallery modes in silica microcavities
Lin G, Qian B, Orucevic F, Candela Y, Jager JB, Cai Z, Lefevre-Seguin V, Hare J
Optics Letters 35 (2010) 583-585

The Importance of the Radial Growth in the Faceting of Silicon Nanowires
Oehler F, Gentile P, Baron T, Ferret P, Den Hertog M, Rouviere JL
Nano Letters 10 (2010) 2335-2341

Response to "Comment on 'Carrier recombination near threading dislocations in GaN epilayers by low voltage cathodoluminescence'" [Appl. Phys. Lett. 97, 166101, (2010)]
Pauc N, Phillips MR, Aimez V, Drouin D
Applied Physics Letters 97 (2010) 166102

Exchange bias in GeMn nanocolumns: The role of surface oxidation
Tardif S, Cherifi S, Jamet M, Devillers T, Barski A, Schmitz D, Darowski N, Thakur P, Cezar JC, Brookes NB, Mattana R, Cibert J
Applied Physics Letters 97 (2010) 062501

Strain and correlation of self-organized Ge1-xMnx nanocolumns embedded in Ge (001)
Tardif S, Favre-Nicolin V, Lancon F, Arras E, Jamet M, Barski A, Porret C, Bayle-Guillemaud P, Pochet P, Devillers T, Rovezzi M
Physical Review B 82 (2010) 104101

Spinodal decomposition to control magnetotransport in (Ge,Mn) films
Yu IS, Jamet M, Devillers T, Barski A, Bayle-Guillemaud P, Beigne C, Rothman J, Baltz V, Cibert J
Physical Review B 82 (2010) 035308