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Parallel numerical integration

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Published on 28 September 2020
Numerical integration routines are an important part of the toolbox of scientific computing. For example, our own research in quantum nanoelectronics involves simulations that rely on numerical integration of “difficult” functions that diverge or have cusps for example. We feel limited by standard routines for numerical integration because they are not robust enough to handle the integrands that we encounter. Furthermore, these traditional routines are inherently sequential and as such not suited for parallel computing clusters.
The goal of this internship is to design and implement an efficient next- generation numerical integration routine. This work can build upon a working prototype [1] that we have written in Python. The resulting library has the potential to see wide adoption by the scientific computing community at large.
This internship will take place under the supervision of Christoph Groth and Xavier Waintal within the theory group of CEA Grenoble, IRIG, PHELIQS (Photonics NanoElectronics and Quantum engineering). The main domain of work of this group of 15-20 researchers is theoretical condensed matter physics, but the group is also experienced in the development of open-source research software codes [2] that are used by researchers world-wide.

scientific computing, quantum nanoelectronics

Required skills:
Interest in numerical algorithms and nanoelectronics, knowledge of Python


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