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Livres et chapitres édités au laboratoire

Publié le 27 mars 2019

Infrared Emitters using III-Nitride Semiconductors
A. Ajay, Y. Kotsar and E. Monroy
in Nitride semiconductor Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) (2nd edition), edited by J. J. Huang, H.-C. Kuo, and S.-C. Shen (Woodhead Publishing Limited, Cambridge, UK, Oct. 2017). ISBN: 978-0-08-101942-9

Growth and Structural Characterization of Self-Nucleated III-Nitride Nanowires
Auzelle T and Daudin B
in III-Nitride Semiconductor Optoelectronics Zetian M and Chennupati J, Eds. (Elsevier Academic Press Inc, San Diego, 2017) Semiconductors and Semimetals vol. 96 pp. 203-229

Widely Tunable Quantum-Dot Source Around 3 ?m
Bernard A, Ravaro M, Gerard J-M, Krakowski M, Parillaud O, Gérard B, Favero I and Leo G
in Quantum-dot Based Light-emitting Diodes Ghamsari MS, Ed. (InTech, Rijeka, 2017) pp. 145-160

III-Nitride nanostructures for Intersubband optoelectronics
C. B. Lim, A. Ajay, J. Lähnemann, D. A. Browne, and E. Monroy
in III-Nitride Materials, Devices and Nano-Structures, edited by Z. C. Feng (World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd, June 2017). ISBN: 978-1-78634-320-8

Intersubband optoelectronics using III-nitride semiconductors
C. B. Lim, A. Ajay, J. Lähnemann, D. A. Browne, and E. Monroy
in Handbook of GaN Semiconductor Materials and Devices, edited by W. Bi, H.-C. Kuo, P.-C. Ku, and B. Shen (Taylor & Francis, New York, Oct. 2017). ISBN: 9781498747134